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  • To provide educational opportunities for children who are mentally and/or physically challenged children in rural India.
  • Surya Uday implements this mission by funding the creation of projects to establish and operate schools in rural communities run by citizens who are native to a particular country.
  • To provide local leadership and involvement fosters the growth of each child but also supports their families and builds community Surya Uday.
  • To provide vocational training for students for the purpose of living
  • To promote the welfare and ensure training and education of special children. At present youngest child in our school is 4 years and oldest is 51 years.
  • To help and advise parents and friends of special children and to foster mutual help between them.To develop better understanding of Problems of mental challenged through home visits in the community.
  •  To promote sports and cultural activities among the disabled and take part in state and national meets/competition
  • To provide intervention program to those children who are not admitted in the school but are registeredSurya Uday overall mission is to provide education to improve the lives of special children, families and communities .
  • To Provide with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become self sufficient and active participants in their families and community.