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When Surya Uday was incorporated, we did a survey on field and covered children and old age people. On our survey we found lot of disabled children which were not going to school and they were lacking basic needs and they were totally neglected. Then we discussed this issue with one of official of SSA verbally and we found that as per the last survey done by Sarv Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) there are 4000 special students in district Kangra only. We also met lot of old age people who are living alone as their children are settled outside because of jobsThere is no one to take care of them

In case of special children government is doing its best  to enrol most of students for their benefit but there are certain challenges like transportation and parents belong to poor class so they don’t have time to take them to school.  This type of challenges are being faced by children. That’s why Surya Uday Charitable Trust made its vision to work for Special Need Children where we will give qualitative life and teach them skills according to their abilities and interests. This will enable them to be part of society and survive and lead a better life.